Norpro Davy Crack It Squirrel Nutcracker


You won’t have to worry about using knives or other tools to crack nuts when you have this beautiful nut cracker! Made of durable, heavy duty cast aluminum, this tool effortlessly cracks even the toughest almonds or pecans and leaves nuts whole, making it easier for you to snack. Features a fun, decorative squirrel design to brighten up your home and impress guests. Stores easily in your kitchen counters. Nut cracker measures 5.5in/14cm. Hand washing recommended.

Easily crack almonds and pecans with the Norpro Davy Crack’it Squirrel Nutcracker. Product Features Easily crack almonds or pecans with this whimsical, attractive nut cracker from Norpro Davy the squirrel is made out of heavy duty cast aluminum Stands.

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