Garlic Press With Power Ratchet


The Prepara garlic press is a delight to behold. It’s stylish, it’s functional and best of all it makes crushing garlic fun! It’s no bigger than a regular press, but has enormous capacity. We’ve been able to achieve this with some very clever design and engineering.

 A one handed, easy squeeze garlic press! With it’s oversized chamber and patented mechanism our garlic crusher is ideal for any recipe that calls for fresh garlic. Unlike most garlic presses, this crushing tool applies tremendous force with just a light one-handed squeeze!

 It’s also a snap to clean. Just pull the handles apart and voila! The high quality stainless steel crushing screen swings out for removal. Chrome handle springs open to reveal garlic chamber for filling or cleaning. Chrome release handle locks into place when not in use. Ratchet system delivers pressure to press garlic out of chamber

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