Nut Twister Nutmeg Mill – Chrome


Finely shaved fresh nutmeg is just a twist away. Proudly made in the USA, this handy mill shaves tiny airy flakes of nutmeg directly into a cup, bowl or pot, to decorate cappuccino, top a dessert or add the fresh flavor of nutmeg to a recipe. Simply crank the handle to grate as much as you desire. Comes with a chrome base, fitted into a clear acrylic top. The decorative crank handle has a heart-shaped cutout. A circle of whole nutmegs inside the acrylic top adds a decorative and practical touch. Measures 3.25 inches tall.

Nutmeg tastes best when it’s freshly grated, and a little bit of this aromatic spice goes a long way. This tool makes it easy to grate just the right amount. Finely grates fresh nutmeg in the desired amount. Easier and safer to use than handheld graters.

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