Dice and Pop

31bqd9TnO+LThe Dice and Pop fruit and vegetable slicer from Progressive is a quick and safe way to turn fresh produce into cubes for soups or sticks for snacks. With the Dice and Pop slicer it’s as easy as Push, Flip and Pop! Simply push the Dice and Pop blades down over slices of potato, apple, zucchini or other produce; flip the protective cover underneath and pop the fruit or vegetables the rest of the way through the blades. Flip the Dice and Pop over to fill the attached measuring cup. Measuring cup is removable and comes with a lid to store pre-cut produce. To make fries or veggie sticks simply remove the measuring cup from the Dice and Pop body before cutting produce. Make veggie cubes, sticks or fries with ease. Sharp stainless steel blades. Perfect for cutting and dicing a variety of fruits and vegetables. Flip base safely pops produce all the way through blades. BPA Free.

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