Ground Coffee Dispenser


With the Indispensable Coffee Dispenser, ground coffee can be available at any time without worrying about finding the time to grind the coffee beans. Designed to measure one tablespoon at a time, the Indispensable Coffee Dispenser can be used to place ground coffee directly into coffee makers or espresso machines. It is designed to keep ground coffee fresh for maximum flavor, and the included base keeps countertops clean of ground coffee spills. Depending on how much coffee you drink, you may only need to grind coffee beans once a week, saving you both time and effort. In a rush every day but still want to enjoy a cup of freshly ground coffee? The Indispensable Coffee Dispenser is for you! It helps keep ground coffee fresh so flavor isn’t wasted, and its attractive design fits into any kitchen.

Allows you to brew coffee that is consistently to your taste. (Just note how many handle squeezes were used for your “perfect cup” and it will be easy to make again!). Saves you time because the coffee beans are already ground so they are easy to access in the morning rush. Holds up to ½ pound of ground coffee. Each squeeze of the handle dispenses one tablespoon of ground coffee. Helps to keep ground coffee fresh. Dimensions: 4.5 in diameter x 10.5 in H (11.43 cm diameter x 26.67 cm H). Product weight: 1.2 pounds (544 grams)
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