Thermo Pot


Stainless steel vacuum food flask. It has a cork top (with minimal thread detail) and stainless steel spoon which magnetizes onto the side. It will keep your food hot for 5 hours and comes with a 10 year guarantee (on the vacuum). They say “hot food warms the soul” and this is the perfect way to take your hot porridge, soup or casserole with you.

Made of stainless steel 430 & 22, lid made of cork, polypropylene and silicon. Packaged in unbleached cardboard box 12.5cm ø x 17cm / 4.9″ø x 6.7″ – 500 ml / 17 fl oz.

Thermo-Pot consists of corrosion-resistant steel. The lid out of natural cork possesses a small plastic thread that isn’t viewable when the pot is closed.

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