The Best Vegetable Peeler



When it comes to peeling, people generally fall into two camps: those who prefer a Y (or harp) shaped peeler and those who like a straight swivel peeler. Both styles can be used to peel toward or away from yourself, yet the range of motion you use for each is slightly different. For a Y peeler, your wrist will generally rotate more (basically in a 180 degree range). Holding a swivel peeler, on the other hand, is more like using a traditional paring knife—where your wrist just moves back or forth. In fact, peeling toward yourself with a swivel peeler mimics the traditional European style (which is done with a paring knife). If you’re vacillating over which style to buy, it really comes down to which movement you’re more comfortable with.

Some swivel peelers are made specifically for left or right handers, although many—like the OXO Good Grips—have a rotating blade that works for either. Due to their symmetrical design, Y Peelers can be used by both righties and lefties.
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