This futuristic-looking sphere uses a ‘Russian-doll’ principle to create a set of four food preparation/storage bowls from a single compact design. By simply twisting and separating the top and bottom halves of the sphere, two bowls are created and another smaller sphere is revealed inside. Open this in the same way and the halves create two more slightly smaller containers. Perfect for holding a variety of ingredients for recipes or for mixing small quantities of ingredients together, each bowl has a practical non-slip base. If contents remain after use, simply join the two halves of a bowl together again to make a handy container with a tightly locked lid – ideal for storing in the fridge.

• Set of 4 food preparation/storage bowls

• Compact, nestable design for easy storage

• Non-slip bases on all bowls

• Bowls lock together to create lidded storage containers

• Perfect for preparing ingredients/storing food in the fridge

• Large bowl diameter: 5” (125 mm). Small bowl diameter: 4½” (115 mm).

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