Gourmet Egg Cooker


Cook up to 7 eggs at once in varying stages – soft-, medium- or hard-boiled.

The handsome brushed stainless-steel Gourmet Egg Cooker speedily cooks up to 7 eggs exactly to your preference. The revolutionary Vari-Cook feature cooks eggs in a combination of soft-, medium- or hard-boiled. Simply fill the water pan to indicated mark and the reliable cooker serves up hot eggs in a convenient egg tray that lets you transfer eggs for cooling or serving. The easy-clean egg cooker also features a poaching tray with 3 elliptical-shaped poaching cups. Other convenient options include a lighted on/off switch, electronic timer with an audible ready signal and a nonstick coated water reservoir. Model: 810.

Product Features

  • Revolutionary Vari-Cook system lets you prepare soft-, medium- and hard-boiled eggs, all in the same batch
  • Brushed stainless-steel design is handsome and durable
  • Poaching tray features 3 handy poaching cups
  • Large nonstick coated water reservoir is allows for multiple cooking cycles and is easy to clean
  • Convenient egg tray easily lifts out for rinsing eggs under cold water or carrying directly to table
  • Precision electronic timer signals when eggs are ready to serve

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