Clear Cookie Press

31D9CSF72ELMake dozens of cookies in minutes

Hearts, pinwheels, ovals and squares – make dozens of yummy cookies in a flash. The stainless steel trigger mechanism allows easy, one-handed (left or right-handed) cookie making using any of the 14 interchangeable discs. A see-through plastic barrel lets you quickly determine how much of the contents are left. It’s lightweight and easy to handle. Even kids will get into the fun using this versatile tool.

To make your individual cookies or biscuits, just fill the barrel with the dough mixture (the press comes with suggested recipes for you to make your own) and then fit one of the 14 disks (flower 1, flower 2, wreath, star, abstract, butterfly, dinosaur, bat, pumpkin, tree, candy cane, snowman, heart or cheese straw). Once you are ready to go, press the trigger handle until the dough is being pressed out of the disk evenly. Hold the press upright and steady and against a cold, clean and ungreased baking sheet and squeeze the handle once. Remove the press and repeat for the next cookie. The barrel holds enough for approximately 30 cookies.

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