Grease Separator


With incredible ease, the Easy Release Grease Separator lets you cook smooth, healthy gravies and sauces for your mashed potatoes, dressing and meats. The handy grease separator makes straining unhealthy fats foolproof and mess-free. Pour in pan juices, and the deep strainer lid automatically separates unwanted fat and food particles from the liquid. Let set and grease rises to the top. Simply press the silicone handle lever and liquid flows grease-free through the bottom opening into the measuring cup. The BPA-free grease separator enables you to follow gravy and sauce recipes precisely using seasoning and thickening ingredients equivalent to the measured amount of broth. Easy Release Grease Separator works equally well for straining grease-free broth from beef liquids. Holds 32 ounces with standard and metric measurement marks in 2-oz. increments up to 4 cups. Dishwasher-safe.

Product Features

  • Grease separator is mess-free and foolproof
  • Perforated lid strains fats and food particles for smoothest, healthiest gravy
  • Easy-release lever on the handle directs flow of grease-free broth through bottom opening into bowl or sauce pan
  • Perfect for straining pan grease from beef roasts or baked chicken
  • 4-cup plastic measuring cup indicates ounces, cups and liters in 2 oz. increments
  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher-safe; hand washing is recommended.

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