Simplify the process of making perfectly shaped patties for any recipe to fit any appetite. All you need is freshly ground meat or fish from the market or your food processor, some seasonings and the Adjust-A-Burger turns out uniform bun-sized patties every time. The simple design features a round base for circular patties. An adjustable clear outer sheath lets you measure and see patty thickness. Once thickness is selected, lock out ring into place to ensure consistent size.

Product Features

• Place ground meat or fish in cylinder, turn, then dispense patties ready to cook.

• Available in large for meal-sized patties, or mini for appetizers or sliders.

• Roller Adjustment Dial

• Large adjusts to make big thick 1/2-lb. buffalo burgers, 1/3 lb. salmon patties, or 1/4 lb. Mini makes, 1-, 2-, or 3-oz. sliders, crab cakes and more.

• Thickness selector ensures uniform size and shape.

• Patties easily dispense for grilling.

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