Chef’sChoice Premium Food Slicer 615



This rugged premium electric food slicer with precision-thickness control lets you slice meat deli-thin for sandwiches or platters, up to 3/4″ thick for buffet or entree presentation. Large-capacity tilted food carriage retracts to slice small to large roasts or ham. Smooth gear-drive operation and large 7″ Dia. stainless-steel blade slices a variety of foods: boneless meats, game, sausage or cheese. With the cantilever design, this food slicer delivers sliced food directly onto platters or to the serving tray included.

This professional electric food slicer features all-metal pusher for greater durability and better slicing control. Gear-drive operation for smooth continuous slicing. Intermittent and on/off switch. Special button secures food carriage in “lock” position to limit blade access when not in use. Convenient cord storage. Easy-clean design with removable food carriage, pusher, deflector and thickness-guide plate. Durable cast-aluminum and stainless-steel construction. Hand wash. 120 watts. 10-lb.

Product Features

  • Tilted food carriage for fast and efficient slicing
  • Large-capacity carriage retracts to accommodate extra-large hams or roasts
  • Precision-thickness control guide to slice from deli-thin up to approximately 3/4″ thick
  • Cantilever design to slice meat directly onto trays or platters
  • Large 7″ Dia. stainless-steel blade to slice a variety of food: boneless meat, game, sausage or cheese
  • All-metal pusher for greater durability and better slicing control
  • Gear-drive operation for smooth continuous slicing
  • Intermittent and on/off switch
  • Food carriage safety “lock ” position to limit blade access when not in use
  • Easy-clean design with removable carriage, food pusher, deflector and thickness-guide plate
  • Includes serving tray
  • Convenient cord storage

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