Kyocera Ceraplaner Ceramic Scraper


Multipurpose Kyocera Ceraplaner Ceramic Scraper easily tackles tough cleaning jobs without leaving scratch or gouge marks. Engineered with exclusive Kyocera Advanced Ceramics that is second only to diamonds in hardness, the blunt-edge ceramic scraper will not rust, pit or corrode. Lightweight and easy to handle, the ultra-durable ceramic scraper cleans everything from barbeque grills to cutting boards. In just seconds, the ceraplaner lifts baked-on foods and the ergonomic handle ensures balanced, precise pressure for the toughest of cleaning tasks. A must-have tool for the kitchen, the ceramic scraper is dishwasher-safe.

Founded in 1959 in Kyoto, Japan, Kyocera is today’s largest manufacturer of premium quality advanced ceramic knives and kitchen products in the world. Both professional chefs and home cooks prefer the Kyocera ceramic scraper for its unequaled handling and superior edge retention.

Product Features

  • Ceramic scraper blade removes baked-on foods without leaving metal scratch marks
  • Perfect for cleaning barbeque grills and cutting boards
  • Exclusive Kyocera Zirconia 206 advanced ceramic produces a stronger, dense blade
  • Kyocera’s advanced ceramic is second only to diamonds in hardness and is 50% harder than steel
  • Ultra-durable ceramic scraper with blunt edge will not rust, pit or corrode
  • Multipurpose ceraplaner is lightweight and easy to use
  • Comfortable ergonomic polyresin handle ensures exceptional control
  • Stain-proof and impervious to acids and oils
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Lifetime complimentary sharpening
  • Lifetime warranty

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