Garlic Zoom XL


Garlic cloves are small, they stick to the knife, and they stink up your fingers for hours. Garlic presses are easy to use, but they produce a smoosh of garlic. There are times a smoosh is fine, but most times, we want fresh minced garlic of a certain size.

The Garlic Zoom makes us happy inside. Just insert one or two peeled cloves in the trapdoor on top, close it up, and then drive your Zoom around the counter top. The stainless steel blades whizz around inside, slice and dicing the garlic.

Bigger body, bigger wheels, bigger blade, bigger garlic taste. The GarlicZoom XL is easier to roll, chops tons more garlic, and is still a cinch to clean. Simply place fresh garlic through the top of GarlicZoom; stainless steel blades chop as you roll. It has Removable stainless steel blade.

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