Collapsable Salad Spinner

progressive-intl-collapsible-salad-spinnerSalad spinners are a great addition to any kitchen but their bulky size can make them difficult to store. With the Progressive Collapsible Salad Spinner you can reclaim your cabinets. The innovatively designed salad spinner folds down to just under 3”, approximately 1/2 its original size, to easily fit just about anywhere. Plus the flat lid makes it possible to stack other items on top. The highly efficient spinner basket doubles as a colander for rinsing fruits and vegetables before spinning them dry. The attractive outer bowl can be used to serve salad in after washing and spinning produce dry. The salad spinner features a self-retracting pull-cord for quick drying and a push button stop. A non-skid ring on the base of the spinner keeps it in place while using.

Quickly rinse clean and spin fresh greens dry for crisp salads and more. Patented design collapses to a third of its expanded size for easy storage. Features easy pull-cord operation and integrated brake button. The lid features a clear edge so you can monitor progress, and the colorful bowl is also great for serving. ABS plastic. Base and basket are dishwasher safe. Large 5-quart capacity. The benefits for the products will be, Patented design flattens to one-third its size for easy storage; Features easy pull-cord operation and integrated brake button; Colorful bowl also makes a great serving piece; Clear lid rim lets you see greens while spinning; Bowl and basket are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

If you are happy with your salad spinners efficiency, but not with its size, then replace it with the Progressive International Collapsible Salad Spinner. This salad spinner shrinks down to nearly half of its size, which means lot of space is saved in your kitchen. This collapsible 5-quart salad spinner has a self-retracting pull-cord, which helps in fast and easy cleaning of fruits and vegetables. The lid features an integrated brake mechanism, so you only have to push the button to stop the spinning basket. The non-skid ring at its base ensures that the spinner stays in place. The spinning basket also turns into a colander to make rinsing the vegetables a breeze. You can even use the bowl to serve the spun vegetables. Progressive International Collapsible Salad Spinners benefits will be 5-qt. capacity salad spinner; Collapses for compact storage and cleaning; Save approximately twice as much space when storing; Self-retracting pull-cord makes washing and drying fruits and vegetables quick and easy; Integrated brake mechanism in lid easily stops spinning basket with the push of a button; Dishwasher-safe.

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