Pineapple Slicer / Corer


Fresh-cut pineapple is like a little taste of paradise this slicer takes the work and mess out of this tropical treat, peeling, coring, and slicing an entire pineapple.

It is equipped with a medium blade to fit most sizes of fruit, it works just like a corkscrew. Simply cut off the pineapple’s top and twist the cutter into its interior to create perfectly shaped rings; turn once to create just a single slice, or several times to cut up the whole fruit at once. The shell is preserved intact to use for a dessert or drink bowl, providing the perfect presentation for dessert or drinks at your next luau.

The slicer has corers in 3″, 3¼” and 3¾” diameters to fit diverse sizes of fruit. Safe for the top rack of the dishwasher.

The wedger can be used on both sides and the convenient grip pads on the sides provide a controlled cutting movement through the pineapple rings.

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