WiseCracker – Crab Cracker


Ah, delicious fresh crabs—but what a nightmare to work with. Take a crack at them with the WiseCracker™. Simply push into the shell, squeeze the handle, release, and split to reveal perfectly exposed crab meat. Now where’s that lemon?

A real split from conventional crab cracking. The unique design of the SlimShim keeps hands away from sharp shells. Simply push WiseCracker into the shell, squeeze the handle, release, split and presto! Perfectly exposed crab. Use the handle to crack tough claws, and the pick to remove delicate meat.

The pick at the end of the crackers is useful for retrieving the meat from the cracked open shell. The Chef’n WiseCracker Crab Cracker and Splitter is another useful tool by Chef’n that you may think you don’t need, but once you own it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

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