Simmer Mat


The Best HEAT DIFFUSER in the World!  Now redesigned. Long, slow simmering is easy with the perfect heat control of the SimmerMat®. Finally a tool that allows you to cook at the lowest setting possible for long, slow simmering without sticking, scorching or burning.  By using the controlled, even heat of the SimmerMat® you can cook stews, sauces, custard, rice, soup, melt chocolate, etc.  The SimmerMat® works on ALL cooking surfaces: gas, electric, glass, ceramic, and induction stove tops.

The controlled, even heat of the SimmerMat® is ideal for: soup, stews & casseroles, rice & oatmeal, milk desserts & sauces, melting chocolate & toffee, chutney, pickle & relishes, hot drinks, Made of high quality zero carbon, enameled steel., Scientifically designed to distribute heat evenly., 7 7/8” octagon shape. New design: 7 rounded cones. Available in Blue and Black.

Works on ALL cooking surfaces: gas, electric, glass, ceramic, and induction. IMCG SimmerMat Cooking Club approved, Helps control temperature of cooking surface to ensure long, slow cooking.  Ideal for ALL simmering and slow cooking. No more “hot spots” – nothing will stick, scorch, burn or boil over. Replaces need for slow cooker, double boiler, and rice cooker. Enables induction cooktop owners to use any kind of pot or pan (stainless steel, glass, aluminum, ceramic, cast iron etc.) on their stove on low heat. Energy efficient. Dishwasher Safe.

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