Plate Spacers


Space and time are the scarcest ingredients in the kitchen. Plate Spacers are plastic blocks that should be placed at three different sides of a prepared plate. Because you can now prepare and garnish plates in advance and stack them neatly, you save time and space in the kitchen. The piled dishes can be heated up in the microwave or kept warm in the oven.

  • Packed in sets of 9 Plate Spacers (stacks 4 plates)
  • Red Plate Spacers are 1.10″ high
  • Green Plate Spacers are 1.61″ high
  • Patented.

Benefits: Microwave safe, Oven safe up to 210º F, Fridge and freezer safe, Dishwasher safe, Reduce stress by preparing plates in advance and ensure everybody is served at the same time.

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