Canning Funnel

71sLTPvRcCL._SL1500_With the Canning Funnel you can say goodbye to the mess and hello to a quick, easy, and clean canning experience! The Canning Funnel was designed to keep jar rims and counters mess free. The outer collar fits securely over the top of both wide and regular mouth jars, and also keeps the lower funnel edge off the counter to avoid messes and contamination. Like many kitchen gadgets, this Canning Funnel has special features to make the preserving process more tidy and efficient. To minimize the number of canning tools needed to preserve your bounty, headspace measurements are printed on both sides of the funnel for quick and easy reference.

  • Fits wide and standard mouth jars.
  • Outer funnel edge keeps countertops and jar rims clean.

Accurate and easy to read headspace measurements.

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