Nordic Ware Grill n’Sear

Nordic Ware Grill n'Sear


Get back to kitchen basics with this classic porcelain-enameled steel broiler pan. It combines a top grill with a base that can be used separately as a baking dish. Broil foods on the slatted grill—fatty drippings will collect in the base below.

  • Classic broiler pan is perfect for grilling your favorite foods in the oven—from meat, poultry and seafood to fresh veggies.
  • Heavy-duty steel pan has a durable, stick-resistant porcelain-enameled finish.
  • The grill’s slatted design allows for easy draining of fats and oils during broiling.
  • Extra-deep base can be used on its own as a baking dish for desserts and casseroles.
  • Broiler pan is is a replacement for original pan in older ovens with broiler on bottom, but it can also be used in modern ovens with broiler burner located on top.
  • Made in the USA to exact original range manufacturer specifications.

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