Kuhn Rikon 6″ Silicone Toast Tongs

Heat-resistant, cool-touch silicone tongs let you remove hot breakfast bread or pastries right from the toaster. Gripping nodules gently lift delicate bread without piercing or tearing. These toast tongs are the safe alternative for removing lodged bread without a knife. Heat-safe to 450 F and safe for nonstick cookware, the wide tips let you flip French toast, turn bacon or sausage. More than a breakfast tool, these tongs are perfect to flip grilled cheese sandwiches, turn pork or veal cutlets, or grasp soft vegetables such as pickles, cooked asparagus, spinach or cabbage. Also ideal to transfer meat and cheese onto platters. Dishwasher-safe.

Product Features

  • Cool-touch silicone toast tongs lift hot bread, English muffins, bagels or pastries, and prevent burned fingers
  • Gripping nodules lift delicate bread without piercing
  • Heat-resistant to 450 F and safe for nonstick cookware
  • Wide tips to flip French toast, bacon, sausage or cutlets
  • Grip and serve soft vegetables
  • Transfer meat and cheese onto platters

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